Better Together Series

Better Together Part 1 – How to Find Happiness in My Relationships

February 14, 2016 | Clay Monkus

Because a marriage is made up of two sinful human beings, it will inevitably face trials, hiccups, and shattered dreams. But just as God forgives us of our sin and uses it to shape us into His image, He can use the struggles we face in marriage to draw us closer to Him.

Better Together Part 2 – How to Stay In Love

February 21, 2016 | Clay Monkus

Marriage is not only a blessing; it’s hard work. After all, when two people feel loved in different ways, it can create some real difficulties. But through marriage, God is faithful to expose our self-centered tendencies and show us how much we need to grow. And we grow by being willing to put the needs of our spouse ahead of our own.

In this message, Pastor Clay examines one specific way that we can learn to put the needs and desires of our spouse ahead of ourself. It all centers around helping the other person in the relationship feel like their love tank is full. This may not be how you fall in love but but it is how you stay in love.

Better Together Part 3 – How to Fight Fair

February 28, 2016 | Clay Monkus

For most adults, fights are limited to verbal spats where we tear each other down with words. In marriage, conflict arises. It is inevitable. The way that we fight represents what we believe about God. Thankfully, God gave a blueprint for good conflict in a marriage in Song of Solomon 5


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