Lies We Believe Series

Lies We Believe Part 1 – I Can’t Make a Difference

May 22, 2016 | Clay Monkus

There is a desire in most of us to want to make a difference. But the problem is that somewhere along the way, through the busyness of everyday life, the routine that you got stuck in, or maybe something someone said to you, but at some point what happened for a lot of us, we began to believe I will never make a difference. The problem with that lie is that Jesus says something very different. In fact, not only did Jesus think that you could change culture with your life, for him, it was a fundamental expectation.

Lies We Believe Part 2 – There’s Always Tomorrow

May 29, 2016 | Clay Monkus

Today we explore what might be the single most dangerous word in the English language. Tomorrow. If you’ve bought into the lie of later – I’ll do that later, I’ll get serious about that later – you’re fooling yourself. The Bible says, you got to number your days because every day is a gift. It’s a gift and you’re not guaranteed tomorrow. So, today should be the day to give up your excuses, say enough is enough and, through the power of Jesus, do something about it.

Lies We Believe Part 3 – I Have To Work To Keep Good Happy

June 05, 2016 | Clay Monkus

AW Tozer once said, “What comes into our minds when we think about God is the most important thing about us.” So, what comes to mind when you think about God? Do you think God sees you as a failure? A disappointment? In this message, Clay talks about the lie that the better you perform, the more God loves you.

Lies We Believe Part 4 – A Little More Will Make Me Happy

June 12, 2016 | Clay Monkus

What if, like what if God used Next Level Church in the way that he used the early Acts church. It can happen. It happened 2000 years ago, and it can happen today. All that has to happen is we have to realize, just like they did, that it isn’t really ours, it is His. If we’ll learn to share often, and give regularly, God will use us in powerful ways.


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