Comparison Trap Series

Comparison Trap Part 1 – Highlight Reels

September 11, 2016 | Clay Monkus

Comparison is something we do every single day and most don’t even realize it. But there is danger to comparing, it is a danger of the heart; in fact it’s a trap. And the highlight reels we see of other people are the bait that comparison uses to trap me. In this message, we begin to see the way out and we learn a better way to look at life.

Comparison Trap Part 2 – Expectation Gaps

September 18, 2016 | Clay Monkus

When we find ourselves trying to live up to our own self-defined expectations, there will always be a gap. And self-defined expectation gaps are the worst of all the comparison traps because we will never measure up to our own expectations. But there is hope; you can escape the comparison trap by listening to Jesus and what he says about you, who he says you are and where he sees your life going.

Comparison Trap Part 3 – Mis-Direction

September 25, 2016 | Clay Monkus

Not all comparisons are bad. If I am looking to the right things, then I go in the right direction. But if I get distracted and start comparing my life to the wrong types of things — things that just don’t have true substance — then my life will go in that direction as well. This message looks at the types of comparison we should all be making.

Comparison Trap Part 4 – Matters of the Heart

October 02, 2016 | Clay Monkus

“Do not let your heart be troubled. You have put your trust in God, put your trust in Me also.” This is an interesting statement because it implies that we have some measure of control over the state of our heart. That there are things that we can do that can trouble our heart and there must be some things that we can do to lessen the trouble. This message looks at some practical ways to move your heart away from being troubled and towards peace.

Comparison Trap Part 5 – Perfect Church

October 09, 2016 | Clay Monkus

There is no such thing as the perfect church because there are no perfect people. In fact, If you ever find the perfect church, then don’t go there because it won’t be perfect anymore. So, if there’s not going to be a perfect church, what kind of church can we look for? The perfect church is actually going to be an imperfect church, but one that compares the right way.


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