Rooted Series

Rooted Part 1 – What’s So Great About Jesus?

March 26, 2017 | Clay Monkus

One common problem 21st century American Christians face is that we don’t understand how much we have in Jesus; therefore we try to add things to Jesus in order to bring satisfaction. The same type of thing was going on in the early church. So, when Paul wrote the book to the Colossians, it was because people were trying to add things to Jesus. But he doesn’t just blast them and go after these other issues. Instead, he reminds them of how much they have in Christ so that they realize, “Wow, we don’t need anything else. I have more than enough.”

Rooted Part 2 – Christ Matters Most

April 02, 2017 | Clay Monkus

The church is not a room with four and a ceiling. That is a building where the church gathers. The church is not a building; The church is a group of people that understand they’ve been redeemed, bought out of a dominion of darkness, out of the slave market of sin and have been placed in this unique new body, of which Jesus Christ is the head. You were created in the very image of God, and then when you get saved, you get recreated, more specifically into the image of Jesus Christ.

Rooted Part 3 – The Secret

April 09, 2017 | Joseph McMurry

Joseph McMurry shows us the secret that Paul describes in Colossians chapter 1 and that is, “Christ in us, the hope of glory”. Therefor without Christ, there is no hope.


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