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What are the essential Christian doctrines and beliefs that summarize Jesus’ teachings and make up the foundation of our faith? In “I Believe”, we explore scriptural truths to help us to operate out of good theology, not bad theology, with the knowledge that our faith is rooted in truth and a rich history that spans past and present. These aren’t just words on a page. They are the essence of what we confess and believe.

  • April 23 – I Believe
  • April 30 – I Believe in Jesus Christ, God’s Only Son
  • May 07 – I Believe in God the Father Almighty
  • May 14 – MOTHER’S DAY
  • May 21 – I Believe in The Resurrection of the Body and the Life Everlasting
  • May 28 – I Believe in The Holy Christian Church
  • June 04 – I Believe in the Holy Spirit

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